Buffalo mozzarella with basil 1.690,-
Assorted smoked fishes with Dill Curd 2.290,-
Paté of duck-liver with green Apple Purée 2.190,-
Delicasses from our farm 1.990,-
A basket of home made bread 300,-
Csésze Tál
Beef broth with handmade noodles 690,- 890,-
Veal ragout soup with citrus 690,- 890,-
Sweet Potato Soup with Blue Cheese 690,- 890,-
Beef Goulash Soup 790,- 1.290,-
Light Main Courses
Skinned Chicken Breast with Julienne vegetables and Jasmin Rice 1.990,-
Cesar Salad with Chicken Breast 1.890,-
Cesar Salad with Prowns 2.390,-
Grilling Pullet with Rice Noodle 2.190,-
Spinach Risotto 1.790,-
Main Courses
Medium Roast Duck Breast Fillets with Barley Rizotto and Beetroot in Red Wine 2.790,-
Veal Schnitzel and Parsley Potatoes 2.490,-
Boar Ragout with Home Made Noodles and Pesto 2.190,-
Venison and Crispy Noodles with Forest Mushrooms and Cranberries 3.790,-
Veal Stew „Paprikash” and Farm Noodles 2.390,-
Spare Ribs of Mangalica Pork with Garlic 2.390,-
Spaghetti alla Frutti di Mare 3.390,-
Spaghetti bolognese 1.790,-
Lemon and Hot Chili Marinated and Pressgrilled Pullet Legs with Grilled Vegetables 2.190,-
Catfish Stew and Cottage Cheese Pasta with Bacon Cracklings 2.490,-
Pike-Perch from Lake Balaton on Mashed Potatoes with Hollandaise Sauce 2.790,-
Well-hung Charolais Beefsteak 4700,- / 200g
6200,- / 300g
Bull Beef Sirloin with Vegetables and Potato in Peel 4.290,-
Cucumber Salad 690,-
Tomato Salad 690,-
„Csalamádé” Home Made Mixed Salad 690,-
Lettuce 690,-
Fresh Mixed Salad 890,-
Hungarian Cheese Variation 1.590,-
„Somlói galuska” Hungarian Trifle 790,-
Homemade Pancakes with Apricot Jam 790,-
Hand-Drawn Strudel Variation 790,-
Home-Brewed Ice Cream 1.290,-

Enjoy your meal!

Szilárd Gottwald
Zoltán Gottwald
restaurant manager 


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